Halloween Party

Tyler & I have missed dressing up for Halloween the past couple years so when my friend Brianna asked me to co-host a Halloween Party with her, I decided to go for it. We had so much fun (and stress) planning this & really loved the way it came together. We're thinking about making it an annual party & are already coming up with ideas for next year. I really wish I had taken pictures of all our guests & took pictures on my camera instead of just my phone. Tyler & I dressed up as Day of the Dead skeletons & all of our guests were good sports & came in great costumes. We had everyone enter in through the side yard where Tyler & Brian had created a totally enclosed Haunted House complete w/ scary music, fog machines, strobe lights, & two teenage boys we had hired to wear masks & scare everyone. It was hilarious - we always knew when guests were arriving because of the screams coming from the Haunted House. It was actually a pretty scary one - success!

Brian & Brianna - Zombie Bride & Groom

Aubrey (Noah's birth mom), was nice enough to do my makeup for me. She did such an amazing job & spent so much time making it just right. 

The Hostesses

This was such a fun night. I love Halloween!


The weather changed just in time for it to be a perfect Halloween night. We've gone trick-or-treating with one of our favorite families every year since the kids were tiny, & it's been so fun to see them growing up & the change each year as their excitement increases now that they fully get what it's all about. We used to have to lead them up to the doors with a lot of prodding & now we mostly just try to keep up with them. This year Ruby wanted to be a butterfly & Noah got an astronaut costume that he was so excited about. "I love it so much, mom!", he said in the store as I had him try it on & tried to make my 4-year-old understand that he was committing to the costume. And then I bought him some skeleton jammies a week before Halloween & he never wanted to take them off. As I went to change him into his astronaut costume an hour before we were trick-or-treating, he insisted that he wanted to be a skeleton. He felt passionately about it like only a 4-year-old can, & after some back & forth I decided to grant his Halloween wish. And I feel like that describes Halloween with young kids in a nutshell. Mom trying to get them to commit to a costume, & kids coming up with a new costume every week just to keep us in a bit of a panic (note to self: leave tags on till the very last minute). So, I painted 2 faces instead of one & in all of the rush I forgot to paint his nose black. It's not a big deal, right?!? I'm trying really hard to not let it bug me every time I look at these pictures. And while I still long to have Ruby & Noah in coordinating costumes that I pick, I do love to see them in something they love & are excited about. Ruby was convinced she could actually fly, "Like, for real life, mom!". And Noah thought he was so spooky & wanted us to call him Bony Legs instead of Noah. Ahhh, I love these two! Happy Halloween!

Noah's Birthday Party

Noah decided on a pirate party this year & hand delivered all of his invitations dressed as a pirate. We all went in the car with him & couldn't stop laughing at how cute he was saying things like, "Aargh, here's in invitation to my party!" when people would open the door. And then one house he just walked right into without knocking while we all yelled, "Noah!!! No!!!!!" from the car. Thankfully our little pirate was shortly returned before Tyler made his way up to the door to retrieve him. 

Noah had been anticipating this party for a solid month & was set on having a bounce house with a waterslide just like Ruby. He was pretty excited when the big day finally came. This was his first "friend" birthday party. 

Noah couldn't get enough of this waterslide & was adamant that he wear his goggles the whole time. Sometimes I feel like a genie on my kids' birthdays trying to grant every birthday wish within reason. A really stressed & exhausted genie. 

Kid soup.

Happy Birthday, Noah!!!

Noah is FOUR!

Noah had a birthday & is now a 4-year-old. It's official - my kids are growing up. At four Noah is happy, loves to make people laugh, is always willing to share whatever he has, & still is cuddly & affectionate. It's not uncommon for him to walk up to me (or anyone in our family) & give a hug & a kiss & say something like, "I love you SO much!" He adores Ruby & can usually be found wherever she is. He has the best smile that he can hardly suppress even when he's mad, & to know him is to love him. Happy Birthday, Noah! We love you!!!

1. Appreciate the little things in life - there's beauty & goodness all around you. Don't forget to see it. 
2. Be a builder. Builders look for the good in others, compliment others, & share in others' successes. Builders are happy. 
3. Share & be generous with those around you. You're already so naturally good at this one. You're willing to give anything you have no matter how much you love it, & you do it so happily. It's such an amazing quality you've been blessed with. 
4. Always talk to your mom. I know you're only four, & I know this one is almost entirely for me, but I hope you'll always do it. I love knowing what you're thinking & feeling. I love hearing about what you did at school or at a friend's house. I love listening to anything you have to say & no matter how old you are, I know this will never change.