The kids finished another season of soccer - Ruby seems to have fallen in love with the sport & Noah kept asking me, "Mom, will you please sign me down from soccer?" (After months of asking me to sign him up). Ruby has played with the Wolves for the past couple seasons & her team has been so fun to watch. Ruby has turned into a great soccer player & never stops running. She's pretty competitive but always is the first one to run over & make sure the girls are okay when they get hurt. Noah played on the Sharks & is still playing co-ed. He wasn't so much into the running part of the game but somehow managed to be at the right place at the right time almost every single game & would end up scoring a goal (or kind of stealing someone else's goal with a little tap once they had done all the work). It was hilarious & he certainly has a lot of confidence in his soccer skills. He spent most of one game holding hands with a little girl on his team, could often been found in the other team's huddle, & when he saw a little girl pouting on the field went up to her & said, "It's ok. Just try your best." Tyler & I have been reminded how competitive we both are & I feel like we need to continually apologize to the families around us for being so obnoxious. I never thought I'd be a vocal soccer mom, but I am. And at some point in both the kids' games I usually have to give Tyler a look & tell him to calm down because it's only children's soccer. Fortunately Ruby & Noah haven't reached the point of being embarrassed by us...yet. 


We had such a great couple weeks leading up to Easter this year. I love when General Conference falls on Easter Sunday. We got to stay home & listen to inspiring words from our apostles & prophet that always leaves me with such clarity of thought & fills me with peace. The talks were so good, as always, & spoke to so many of my struggles & concerns at this point in my life. So we technically had "Easter Sunday" at church the week before, & it was nice to be able to go over that beautiful story a little earlier than usual & then be able to talk about it all week with the kids. To me, there's nothing more hope-filled than Easter. I just love it. 
Sunday best

We have a tradition of making Resurrection rolls for family night the Monday before Easter. The kids love this. 

Easter baskets! As Tyler & I were prepping everything the night before it just hit me how lucky we are that we get to be parents & do these fun things for our children. I love seeing their joy & excitement over the simple things.

The tradition of the kids wearing their bunny ears for the egg hunt continues! Mark my word, this will continue until these kids leave home. I'll put $20 bills in those eggs if I have to! Picturing teenagers hunting for eggs in bunny ears & hating's just too good. 

The best time of year to have a bunny

Confetti eggs I let the kids smash. Tyler hated this idea so much. The kids & I loved it. Guess who cleaned up the mess? Also, guess who's still finding egg shells & confetti everywhere? It's me. The answer is me.  

Happy Easter!

Gotcha Day

We celebrated Gotcha Day on St. Patrick's Day & I love how this is something the kids have come to anticipate with so much excitement. I thought it would be fun to surprise the kids with some Lucky Charms & green milk for breakfast. I never buy the sugary cereals (not judging anyone who does), so I thought they would love it. Noah wouldn't even touch it & after a few bites Ruby said in her nicest voice, "Mom, can I be done now?" Noah kept saying, "Milk isn't supposed to be green, mom." It made Tyler & I laugh & also made me wonder how often Pinterest ideas crash & burn with kids. It was all so cute in my head...anyways, I made up for it with a treasure hunt & treats they would actually eat. And then we took the kids to a "fancy" restaurant & spent most of the afternoon at the Mesa Temple. 

First clue for the treasure hunt!

This one was my favorite

They found the treasure!

Both kids are Lego obsessed right now. 

We decided to go to the Mesa Temple again this year since it'll be closing for renovation for the next 2 years. 

The kids love the Mesa Temple Visitor's Center

We ended the day at the park across the street from the temple & this blurry picture of Noah says it all. March in Arizona just can't be beat! Every time I start smelling the orange blossoms it brings me back to when we were sealed to the kids in the temple. Both were the best days of my life & we all love having a day to reminisce & remember those special days for our family. 


December was a blast this year. All I could think about all month was how sick I was last year & how hard everything was because of that & it just made me so grateful to really be able to enjoy it this year. Our Elf on the Shelf came the day after Thanksgiving & kept the kids on their toes (& best behavior) all month long. I think I only threatened to call Santa one time, which is most definitely a record in our home! Noah was beyond excited about the elf this year. He pretended to be an elf & wore an elf hat for probably 20 days straight & was always coming up with various elf costumes throughout the day. And I spent most of the month pretending to be Santa or Mrs. Clause because, "Elves don't talk to humans, mom". I think the highlight of Christmas Break for Ruby & Noah was having their cousins here visiting from Washington. They played nonstop & loved every minute together - we were all sad to see them go! With Tyler having several weeks off of work, & the kids both having a few weeks off from school - it was such a great break from reality.